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The SplitShot facemask was originally designed as apart of the 2019 Anadromous Collection as a way to use scrap materials from our coats. The Anadromous Collection was inspired by my fisherman lineage with each item named for a fishing term. Split Shot refers to the weight used on fishing line. 

The mask was designed as a protest commentary on the rise of anti pipeline demonstrations within our communities and our ongoing fight to protect our water and our animal relatives. 

Meant to be a fashion statement highlighting the "biological warfare and pollution destroying Indigenous lands and our health,"  They have transformed into protection against the virus*.

"As designers, we are storytellers, and our clothing is an extension of the non-verbal stories we're sharing about ourselves. Fashion is becoming more and more political as a way to express solidarity." -Korina Emmerich

The masks, made out of Pendleton fabric, are made out of 82% wool and 18% cotton. The mask's lining is 100% unbleached cotton. Wool has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, can be sanitized in boiling water, or with dish soap and vinegar, and even pine oil disinfectant.

"I think there is also a kind of tongue in cheek 'f*** you' to settlers by using wool blanket material as protective wear, considering our history of being impacted by biological warfare in blankets during the small pox epidemic"

*This is NOT an N95 filter mask. This is NOT medical grade protective wear. 



The Split Shot face mask is now available in 3 sizes.

Classic Cut Medium, Child Size Small, and Full Coverage Large

Please see below for approximate measurements to get the best fit.

All measurements account for the curve of the mask.

All items made to Order, All Sales Final. 



Approx Measurements:

  • Length (nose to chin) : 5.25"

  • Width (cheek to cheek): 7.75"

  • Elastic (not stretched): 8"

  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks



Approx Measurements:

  • Length (nose to chin): 4"

  • Width (cheek to cheek): 6"

  • Elastic (not stretched): 7"

  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

  • Would not recommend for most adult size faces 



Approx Measurements:

  • Length (nose to chin): 5.5"

  • Width (cheek to cheek): 8.5"

  • Elastic (not stretched): 8"

  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks 


THANK you!

Thank you for ensuring you are getting the best fit for you!

Because of the pandemic, I will not be able to do any returns OR exchanges. Please make sure to review sizing. All items are Made to Order and All Sales are Final. 

Thank you to my beautiful friends Stina, Nate and Levi Hamlin for modeling the size ranges <3 

(Left: Nate in LG - Center: Levi in SM - Right: Stina in MD)


CARE options

- Hand wash lay flat/hang to dry. DO NOT iron elastic, it may melt. DO NOT DRY in a dryer, it will prob shrink.

- Hand wash with detergent/dish soap or wool specific detergents.

- To Sanitize: ALMOST boiling hot water. Start with wool in cool water and bring almost to boil. Wool doesn't like rapid temp changes. Bring up to a pre boil then turn off temp and let water cool slowly. Boil as if you're making hard boiled eggs.....

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